Which is better, Plywood or Particle Board?

Which is better, Plywood or Particle Board?

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Cabinets are mainly made up of these two materials- plywood or particle board and the question arises about which one would be a better option.

Plywood– It is made from veneers of wood that are attached to one another with glue forming layers to form sheets of the plywood. Different types of plywood with a range of thickness and qualities are available in the market today. Also, they are coated with a plastic wood grain design which makes the plywood unstable and delaminates quickly. This kind of plywood is a poor choice and you must be careful before purchasing such. The better kind has the inner layers formed without leaving any space in between and hard wood is used for the purpose with a real attractive exterior which makes it stable and can absorb glue easily making it hard. It is indestructible as used for cabinet construction. Plywood is hardly reported to have a degrading quality and usually preferred by many.

Particle board– They are made like the plywood by combining wood particles to form sheets but they are heated and processed to form sheets, unlike plywood. They can be covered with wood veneer or be laminated. They come in different sizes according to the particle size and their overall density matters along with their strength which varies from one to another. They have a lower production cost and are more stable than plywood. But, they do not work well with water and requires flipping every 5 years to avoid sagging. For sinks and cabinets around the stove, particle board should be avoided.

The difference between Particle Board and Plywood:

Plywood is made of layers of wood veneer that are glued together and they are known for their durability and stability whereas, particle board is made of wood fibres that are glued together and pressed into sheets.

Both of them have their own benefits to consider. Plywood is usually considered to be the better product when it comes to cabinet construction with their longevity and ability to hold mechanical fasteners efficiently. It has beneficial properties like superior tensile force more. It weighs lighter than particle board and is more resistant to dents and scratches.

On the other hand, particle board has its own benefits like great dimensional stability and it does not wrap when there is fluctuation in temperature and other environmental changes. They also cost lesser than the plywood because they are economical as they are made of the scraps of wood which is usually considered as waste. They can be made from the leftovers easily which is why they are cheap and you can save up to 8-12% on the cost of your cabinet. They are not good at resisting moisture which is one big drawback of the particle board while plywood is more water resistant.

Which is better?

Both plywood and particle board have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cabinet construction which makes it hard to choose a better one. The quality of the plywood can be judged by checking on the number of piles that are added to make one sheet. More piles make a hard plywood while fewer piles make it unstable. Quality is also measured by how well the glue holds the piles together as low-quality plywood will have gaps that make its quality degrade.

The particle board quality depends on its size, density and the glue that holds the fibres together. The particles make up the sheets and thus the quality can vary from one to another. One of the best kinds of particle boards is the medium density fibreboard (MDF) that is of high quality and can be purchased.

Thus, plywood being superior to particle board makes it better for anyone to purchase it even though the better quality one will cost you a few more bucks. Otherwise, if cost is an issue, the particle board can be purchased. For making a hanging cabinet you must choose plywood as it is light-weighted and resistant to a lot more things than a particle board. Co through the drawbacks of plywood and also your budget to choose between these two products as each of them has quite a lot of benefits to offer.

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