UAE Car Events in 2017

UAE Car Events in 2017

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Time for you to let your sports car wear the new high-performance drift tyres as the Thrilling car racing events this year are so thrilling that you can’t resist participating. UAE is one of the cynosures sports around the world that offers tons of challenges, classic car competitions, freestyle drifting and much more. In here, you will come across the number of events that UAE is going to inspire you this year with. So let’s dig in to discover more;

Yas Super Street Challenge, Abu Dhabi
Yas Super Street Challenge, Abu Dhabi

This is as good as a tournament that started in 19th January 2017 and is expected to end by 21st April 2017. Over 90 of the UAE’s best street racers will compete across five categories – Those major categories are; Index 11.5, Index 10.5, 4×4 Super Street SUV, Super Street-Open and Super Street Category. In this race, driver is going to compete for the cash prices and the people, who visit to see, they can also enjoy the event with trilling ambiance and lively DJ setup.

Dubai International Motor Show 2017, Dubai

Dubai International Motor Show 2017, Dubai

Starting on 14th November 2017, this event will continue till four days by 18th November 2017. This event is not just a casual automobile exhibition. Instead, it is the MENA region’s only interactive showcase that inspires the who’s who of the global automotive mania. This exhibition is all about the world’s best cars, bikes and automotive manufacturers. it mainly exhibits the latest trends in car design, custom gear, driving technology and much more. This exhibition is expected to host the 100,000+ visitors from 37 Countries to see the exhibition of 600 cars by over 150 manufacturers.

2017 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2017 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

November is going to be the month of amazement for you as Etihad Airways has brought another amazing event for you this year. Starting from the 26th November 2017, this event is expected to go by the 28th November 2017. If you are quite obsessed with the swanky sports car with their drift tyres, it’s time for you to start planning for the Yas Marina. Located on the magnificent Yas Island, the racing track is a prominent example of modern Formula of 1 circuit design. Enhancing the max speeds of 325 km/h and min (in race-mode) speeds of 190km/h, it has nine right turns and 12 left turns. So just get ready for the cluster of fun, thrill and excitement this year.

In a nutshell, UAE has always been known for its next-level approach that leaves the world wonderstruck. Every year, UAE happens to bring something new and innovating in the Automobile world. Well it’s not just about racing and rally track but all the aspect of automobiles. Since being one of the transportation giants across the globe, Dubai seems to have covered all the aspects that relate to vehicles, cars, automobile and etc. from professional logistics or road transportation to the sports car racing, UAE has always been on top perhaps that’s what makes this country an inspiration.


If you are willing to know more about the car events held or to-be-held in UAE, just check out this piece of content.

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