Star Trek cast comes to Dubai & it’s wonderful

Star Trek cast comes to Dubai & it’s wonderful

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Dubai is about to go on an intergalactic drive as major “Star Trek” cast and crew landed in the city to shoot the third sequel “Star Trek: Beyond”. The cast and crew held a press conference last Wednesday at Burj Al-Arab to discuss project details. Guests included everyone’s favourite stars Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Leonard McCoy), Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov) and Idris Elba (who’ll play the villain). Actress Zoe Saldana (Nyota Uhura) didn’t attend the conference due to personal errand.

Star Trek cast comes to Dubai & it’s wonderful!

Besides the star cast; film director and producer Justin Lin, executive producer Jeffrey Chernov and writers Douglas Jung and Simon Pegg (Scotty) were also present. They revealed details about following three months of principal photography that would take place in Vancouver but for now, the team is having a wonderful yet intense shooting session in Dubai. It’s one of the largest Hollywood productions in Emirates ever since Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in 2011. The movie featured iconic landmarks of Dubai namely Burj Khalifa that inspired Hollywood film-making industry and also boost tourism.

Star Trek cast comes to Dubai & it’s wonderfullll

Producers also exposed that filming would take place throughout various in and outdoor locations of the city as well as at the sound stages in Dubai Studio City. Although they didn’t tell much about precise location, Dubai would be featured as “vertical” alien world in the third instalment. More than 1,000 extra shots will be taken here whereas internship program is also introduced by management for local film students; a lifetime opportunity to learn and work along star cast plus crew! Producer, Jeffrey Chernov cited;

We came in search of something entirely futuristic! Luckily, Dubai offered us just that!”

He first got familiar with the city while working for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. During that time, Jeffrey also scouted some major locations that came in quite handy. Director, Justin Lin will take charge behind the camera after the departure of J.J. Abrams who directed the previous films. But we haven’t seen the last of him because Abrams remained busy as a producer of this film while directing one of the most awaited movies, “Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens”. Certain shots of this particular film are also taken in Dubai. J.J. Abrams says;

“I’m from an Indie world and it feels like being connected with the all time biggest budget indie movie ever”

The tragic death of Leonard Nimoy in February, who played the role of “Spock” in original Star Trek, left a void in Hollywood film franchise. Though Zachary Quinto did an amazing job with the character and is likely to reprise his role in the coming sequel, this’ll be the first time he’ll portray the character after Nimoy’s death.

Among the entire cast, one who had all the limelight is none other than the hero, Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk). The role was originally played by William Shatner who was also a headlining guest at Middle East Film & Comic Con that held in April earlier this year! Chris who seems more excited over exploring the city than the film said;

I love discovering the city for its stunning. Whenever I wake-up in the morning and opened the blinds, there it was in front of me; Dubai that looks like tomorrow, a true future-land”.

Star Trek: Beyond is expected to be released in July 2016 that’ll also mark 50th anniversary of the franchise that was originally created by Gene Roddenberry in 1966.

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