Seven Reasons for Denial of Citizenship

Seven Reasons for Denial of Citizenship

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Many people attempt to fill citizenship form on their own, completely unaware that it’s going to be denied later! Whenever you say that it’s a piece of cake and you’ll be a legal resident in no time, there’re many significant factors you may overlook that impedes your rights to entree. Though we’ve highlighted various reasons below, it’s better to consult a lawyer when such matters are concerned. Check and determine which category you fall in and take advisory services immediately.

  1. Selective service

Young adult males between the age of 18 and 26 should register for Selective Service. Lest a citizenship applicant fails to do so, his case is likely to be denied and the time to reapply would be at age 31. However, laws pertinent to citizenship tend to change from one country to another so there maybe exceptions with this as well. Always learn the laws before filing any application!

  1. Fraud prior to green card

Often times, immigration officer/agency will sweep through naturalisation applicant’s entire history. If he succeeds in determining that a green card was issued years back following a fraudulent manner, citizenship is renounced immediately. Even if this fraud is due to an innocent mistake, case can be denied without any further proof. Worst case scenario would lead towards deportation after trial.

  1. Criminal case

One has to be extra careful with this! There’re so many out there who simply “don’t worry” about criminal record even by lawyers but a true expert in immigration law would sink his teeth deep into everything. He’ll review every arrest, violation of law, citation or any other misdeed on your record. Remember, consequences can be more than just denial of citizenship. Just like fraud, any crime committed by a potential citizen would lead towards prosecution in state’s Immigration Court.

  1. Lying

Here, we’re concerned about questions on “Application for Naturalisation” and answers that Immigration Service believed to be deceitful or outright bogus. For instance, people might check the “NO” ox to a particular question mistakenly about being arrested because they weren’t convicted of any crime. Though error may be innocent, immigration department won’t care and rejects your citizenship.

  1. Taxes

Being a regular defaulter for tax payment is common reason for denial. Consult a veteran immigration lawyer and accountant if you’re tangled in the web of overdue taxes. It’s possible an effort to make IRS payment plan may satisfy immigration department/officer.

  1. Child support

Much like the delinquent taxpayer, one who don’t make child support payments on time is likely to face denial of citizenship immediately.

  1. Language fluency

This probably sounds easy right! You must demonstrate certain level of fluency and proficiency in written, verbal and reading in official language of the state where you’re willing to apply for citizenship. Applicants above the age of 50 and 55 who possess a green card for more than 15 and 20 years are relieved.

These folks can either take civics and history test with a translator. There’s a medical disability waiver that’s quite useful for applicants facing serious conditions that hampers their ability to qualify the test. The Medical Certification for Disability Exception must be completed thoroughly from an experienced doctor who may address the reason for disability.


Whether applying for Bulgaria citizenship or any other country, the above issues must be resolved to avoid denial of application.

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