Saudi King Salman Dismissed Chief of Royal Protocol

Saudi King Salman Dismissed Chief of Royal Protocol

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As soon as the video got viral of the recent slapping incident in which the chief of royal protocol slapped a journalist, Saudi King Salman dismissed his official – the head of royal protocol. This isn’t for the first time that he sacked an official member after assuming power in January 2015. He’s in practice of cutting down the ill practices amongst his officials.

Earlier he expelled a member of the royal family and banned him from delivering official statements to the media, he was accused for spreading racism. Health Minister Ahmed Khattib was also fired by the Saudi King Salman for arguing about a private hospital in Riyadh.

The act was caught in the camera when live episode was covered at the airport on Sunday while King Salman went to receive Morocco’s King Mohammad. The top official Mohammad al-Tobayshi, the head of royal protocol is recorded to have slapped a journalist for pushing the official, however the journalist says, that wasn’t deliberate.

On Tuesday, May 5 – 2015, a report got published citing a decree stating that the top official Mohammad al-Tobayshi has been removed from his official authority, Khalid al-Abad will replace him as the chief of royal protocol.

Journalists and the entire media are happy with the Saudi King’s decision! They put an official statement, “a great day for journalists and the media. Removing the head of the royal protocol in support of a journalist is a clear consolidation of the status of the media and a victory for journalism,” reported in Gulf News.

People are happy with the response they have got from the royal family as this is for the first time that any actions are taken to support public against royal officials. King Salman showed that none is above the law and every citizen has same rights when it comes on dignity.

Arab users on social media threw anger about the incident whereas they also lauded the decision taken against the royal official. Sacking Tobayshi has set an example for other leaders to come.

The Saudi press agency has not mentioned of why the chief protocol officer was being dismissed and replaced by another one. Other local channels speculated that the decision was taken after the slapping incident which is a sign of respect towards public.


Saudi King Salman expelled the chief of royal protocol for slapping a journalist at the arrival of Morocco’s king. He showed that there is no discrimination when it comes on law, respect and dignity. Read above to know what’s next!

While the Saudi Press Agency’s announcement makes no mention of why Tobaishi was being replaced, other local outlets speculated that the official was ousted after his slap caused a social media backlash.

Last month, he banned a member of the royal family from speaking publicly after he was accused of making a racist remark. And in another incident, Salman fired Health Minister Ahmed Khatib not long after a leaked video showed Khatib arguing about a private hospital in Riyadh.

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