Moving to Dubai: Important Facts You Should Know

Moving to Dubai: Important Facts You Should Know

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Dubai, a city determined to retain its heritage is ever racing swiftly to clinch the 21st century. Being a vibrant and international metropolis, you’ll find every face of life here; the good, the bad and the ugly. One would definitely enjoy living and working in the city, it’s sort of adventurous if expats simply adapt themselves to the climate, norms and abide by common rules. So if you’re moving to Dubai, better get familiar with the place, read on.

Cultural Awareness

It’s important to note that Dubai is an Arab country and one of the most liberal among Emirates. There’re a few cultural restrictions you should be aware of. Islamic religion virtually impacts every aspect of people lives as many of the settlers are Muslims. Religion is widely accepted and practiced among family and entire city however other religions are allowed as well.

Since the place is home ground to travelers and global business, you’ll find Dubai culturally diversified in many aspects. Hindus and Christians dwell freely amidst the Muslim community hence there’re churches and Sikh temples across the city strip as well. However, government has strictly announced that no evangelism will be tolerated. During the holy month of Ramadan, not only Muslims but everyone enjoy the lively dinners after the fast is broken.


Renting a property is the best option instead of purchasing as it’s difficult due to restriction on foreign ownership. You’ve many sections to live depending on personal preference and affordability. Dubai Marina is a hive of expats while Burj Dubai and Deira are more traditional districts. More rustic communities include the famous Arabian Ranches and The Green Community while Jumeirah, Al-Wasl and Umm Sequim encompass lovely accommodation. Fully serviced apartments and villas are available everywhere across the city. They come furnished as part of rental payment while short-term leases are available as well.

Employment in Dubai

As Dubai economy is zooming at light-speed, the place is budding with all sorts of employment opportunities being a paradise for entrepreneurs and skilled professionals. Most goods are imported and while the UAE is still struggling to establish efficient operations, different segments of the region rely on expat proficiency to cater the needs.

An infinite list of services, expertise and goods are available across Dubai and UAE. With numerous free-zones, industrial sector is developing rapidly that being tax-free. Media City, Knowledge Village, Downtown, Business Bay, Healthcare City and Dubai International Financial Centre are finest examples.


Though Arabic is a common language, English is widely spoken and understood by Emiratis. You may find it hard to mingle with commoners since everyone is busy in their own life nevertheless temperament is rather friendly. As an international city with cultural mix, expats have the opportunity to make friends from all across the world. A chain of fast-food franchises can be found at every nook means you’ll definitely enjoy eating out and get your taste buds delighted; choose from a variety of continental and local dishes.

Lest you don’t have time to go out, have the food delivered at your doorstep. Home delivery service is also provided for groceries, dry-clean, office supplies and almost everything. Friday brunch is popular for expats with almost every restaurant fully occupied, presenting a vast array of food and drinks. The biggest charm of big cities is their vibrant nightlife and that’s something you’ll unquestionably enjoy here. There’s a lot to see and explore such as film festivals, shopping galas, souks and a glut of sporting activities like Dune Bashing, Hot-Air Balloon Ride, Sky-Diving, Pearl Diving and lots of others.


Hope you enjoyed learning all about Dubai with us! Better read and heed carefully before you move to the city.

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