Meet the brilliant team of United Arab Talent

Meet the brilliant team of United Arab Talent

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“The collection of exceptional voices from the Middle East”

Just as the name suggests; United Arab Talent is a group of top artists from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Lebanon. Their inclination is more towards pop music and as they resonate, each is diverse in its range and faculty.

Bachir, Tarek and Nina came forth to discuss about the band, its regional and global influence and how it feels to have a record agreement with Universal in the Middle East! The group tells their incredible success journey as they come from a time when diplomats coerced influence upon the region.

United Arab Talent

The bold and highly confident band seems unbothered by social discrimination and norms whenever they’re stereotyped or showcased over social media. The biggest advantage they’ve is ability to deliver such music that eventually everyone would fall in love with.

Tarek aka Erik 27 years old

The band members comprise of Tarek (aka Erik); 27 years old rapper from Jeddah, Saudi Arab, a 35 year old Tunisian–French rapper; Bachir (Tunisiano) and Nina; 22 years old Lebanese vocalist. Bachir aka Tunisiano in an interview told Saudi Gazette;

“I’ve already released six albums that are highly acclaimed globally and till now, around one million copies are already sold that marks the beginning of my successful career. My aim is to represent all the good things about Arab through my lyrics”

Jawhar Al-Hayat” is going to be the upcoming UAT’s album releasing in mid of October, 2015. Here, we highlight some intrinsic details of exclusive interview from the band stars. Check out!

What UAT actually represents & how the group formed?

United Arab Talent (UAT) represents young and energetic Arab aspirations and their vision regardless of geographical boundaries. The mastermind behind this concept is producer and manager of the band Asri Bendacha who wanted to introduce a new yet amazing music style that represents Arabic region and make it stand erect. The band bridged three sectors of Arab through its music; The Levant, North Africa and Gulf!

What’s the story behind the release of first single?

The first single released by the band was “Mashiha”. Message of the song is to enjoy every moment of life and not to dwell around the problems everyone faces in their life. Live once, live better! Take life optimistically.


How it feels to sign-up with Universal?

Bachir has worked previously with Universal Music France and teaming up with it is excellent. Since Universal Music holds global reputation, it’s like stepping on a much larger platform. A huge honour as UAT would be the very first Arabic band to sign up with Universal Music MENA. The future seems bright for the band and all the members are grateful over this opportunity.

The most gratifying reaction & criticism from Arab audience

The most rewarding experience that none would forget is when the team went shooting for Bachir’s solo track, “Wled Al Ared” in a refugee camp, Lebanon. The children and almost everyone was happy to meet the stars personally and the trip sparked a meaning to live a better and successful life! As far as criticism, it’s also a part of life and the team takes it to improve further which it did eventually over the years. Just being noticed and appreciated is reward enough says everyone in the band!

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