Key design components of Ecommerce Website

Key design components of Ecommerce Website

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Rapidly rising interest of online shoppers clearly indicates the growth potential of e-stores. Whether being a merchandiser or service provider, online trading has become mandatory. Now day’s number of renowned brands has established their own online portal to serve and deliver products across the world. Whereas, companies are also offering purposefully designed marketplace for vendors and service providers to trade their offerings to potential buyers. You might have planned to include a small online store with your website or you can also choose to avail services of the ecommerce web development UAE service provider, you need to know about few important design components to enjoy success.

Below I am sharing the must watch design features for a product selling website. A huge difference in features and functionalities exist among the corporate and eCommerce sites.

Responsive design a basic need

Designing a responsive website is a must have design attribute of such websites. Responsive design offers logical solutions, as it makes any website compatible with all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It enables a website to automatically adjust its UI according the device without affecting functionalities. It offers a consistent experience for users. They don’t feel strange after watching something different while switching devices.

Speedy Loading

Speed is the primary success factor of any website. You might have exciting products and a wide range of services, but still not experiencing the expected level of business, slow speed can be the reason. Visit your website during peak traffic hours to record the page load time. Web pages that take too long to load or fail to display properly are useless. They can only increase the bounce rate from your website. It is necessary to maintain smooth, speedy loading for all kinds of device.

Navigation and product categorization

Having been serving as online shopping stores, most of the online stores possess numerous products. Products can’t be dumped randomly. To make them accessible to buyers, it is necessary to organize suitable categories. This will facilitate users to find a desirable product in lesser time. However, hassle free navigation is also an essential component for business success.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the most important component of eCommerce website design. It should be placed accurately on the right hand side at the top of the page. Avoid changing its place among the landing pages. It shouldn’t place in a way to restrict buyers to browse more products in same and other categories. Cart menus should be clearly visible with one click.

Search Boxes

Don’t ignore including search boxes on your site. Usually the functionality is added on the top of the home page and landing pages. This is an essential element, which is added to facilitate buyers to search desirable products via relevant keywords even without navigating the product categories. They only need to enter a keyword and site automatically directs them to the product page they are seeking to buy.

Appealing product images

Images are exclusively critical to sell products online. Buyer decision is primarily based on images. Adding appealing images with suitable angles greatly increase the success rate. Consider adding minimum four to five images for every single product. Single image doesn’t work. Also incorporate the zoom facility to view larger images. Such images will help you to create a better user experience.

Summary: The unique design features are essentially required to make any eCommerce website functional and user friendly to benefit retailers.

An ecommerce business needs to have a good responsive website which can be developed by a website development Dubai company which can handle their all needs.

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