How to Approach Link Building for Newbie Websites

How to Approach Link Building for Newbie Websites

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Links play a significant role in your website’s ranking on a search engine and that is something that everyone knows. The more authentic links point to your site, the higher your site would be indexed. However, links coming in from just any website do not count. Poor quality links can even actually mess up your site’s position on a search engine and might even get you penalized. Only an “authentic” and “good” link can help your site; one that is coming from a relevant website that Google trusts. The link must not be paid, coming from an untrusted website or be part of an exchange plan. For a newbie website getting a link from a high authority one, is unlikely and approaching link building is more complicated than for an established site.

A new website needs to build links for itself in a manner that doesn’t raise any red flags. To make things clearer, here are some techniques that a new website can use to gain links and Google’s trust:


You can create an account on CrunchBase and register your website there.


With LinkedIn, you can do these two things:

  • For starters, you can publish an article on LinkedIn that is related to your topic and add a link to your website there.
  • You can also join LinkedIn group conversations; engage in sharing opinions and suggestions. You can drop in your site’s link there if it is relevant to the discussion going on and would be helpful to fellow readers.


You can use Quora to your advantage just like LinkedIn. What you can do is that you can help people out there and throw in your website’s link wherever related and useful to other readers.

Social media

You can create a Facebook page for your website and similarly create accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. You must SEO all these social networks. Social media sharing can assist in getting exposure though it doesn’t help in taking up the site’s ranking.

Guest posting

Submitting guest posts to high-quality websites can help you drive traffic to your site. But remember, if you write guest posts for low-quality websites that aren’t relevant to your niche, this strategy can outright backfire. You must only guest post for sites that are respected, high-end and well-known. Additionally, they must be related to your niche and not the sort of websites that entertain every other lame guest post.


You can submit your best written pieces to renowned directories and be as active as you can manage in these communities.

The best you can do at this stage is making sure the content on your website is written well and worth reading. You need to construct your online presence and that you can do is by helping people out and tossing in your opinion and comments on different platforms. Once your website is past the newbie stage, you can go for better and more aggressive link building techniques.

Author Bio: Shayan Aman is the Digital Marketing Expert in Dubai. I also write about Digital Marketing stuff on my own SEO Blog. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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