Four reasons dual citizenship is beneficial to you

Four reasons dual citizenship is beneficial to you

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That person right besides you holding two passports isn’t necessarily a spy but rather someone bearing dual citizenship. Second citizenship or dual nationality refers to an individual who’s a citizen of two different states simultaneously. Being a citizen of any particular country gives you certain rights while binding you to various obligations. Inhabitants have voting right thereby have quite an influence to decide about a country’s government.

Four reasons dual citizenship is beneficial to you1

Achieving double nationality status isn’t a cinch as every country has its own requisites and laws. Status is attained when a person becomes a legal citizen of another state while maintaining residency in his homeland. There’re various reasons why people hold dual nationality, check below to find out more.

  1. Benefit of automatic laws

Though having certain advantages, an individual may hold dual nationality due to automatic laws. A child may be considered a US citizen even if he’s born in a foreign state while his parents are legal US nationals. Whereas under US law of citizenship, a person don’t need to select one nationality over another! That’s the reason a naturalised US national have dual citizenship as they’ve to maintain nationality of their home country. Marriage is another reason for a person to acquire dual citizenship depending on country’s laws. For instance if a US citizen marries a foreigner, she’ll automatically be given citizenship after a certain time period.

  1. Financial Advantages

Another primary reason is access to various job opportunities, giving beneficiary a career boost. Dual nationality holder can work and live in either of the two states depending on financial and economic benefits. In today’s era where global economy is volatile, people usually leave their motherland and look for citizenship in more developed country that’s somewhat financially stable.

Once settled, they might even call their family however it may take years to settle in a foreign land. Financial problems are alleviated in many ways since foreign currency is more valuable when converted. Still, be wary of tax obligations when holding double nationality as you might be levied with taxes from both states.

  1. Personal safety

This is perhaps the most critical reason to have dual citizenship. As most countries around the world are facing war and political strife, individuals in the affected state actively wish to migrate for safety. Some are even given shelter in US who later become official citizen however being a national of their homeland as well, they can return when issues back there are neutralized.

  1. Travel advantages

Adding to the list of benefits is travel convenience. When travelling to a country having bad relationship with your homeland, an alternate passport comes in handy. You’re unlikely to face any trouble with security that makes travel quite smoother. Meanwhile, visa cost vary depending on citizenship invest and waiver programs between countries. A good reason for having dual nationality is that it lets one utilize a passport, eventually giving you a cheaper visa or even visa-free travel.

Noteworthy tips

In most cases, double citizenship can occur automatically if a child of foreign parents is born in US. Furthermore, most people are under the impression that marriage would directly bestow them with citizenship however it only helps them in getting a green card, that’s a more streamlined process to nationality.


When applying for dual citizenship, make sure the country is actually providing you the opportunity. With so many benefits, do apply for one today!

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