Business setup in Dubai By PRODESK

Business setup in Dubai By PRODESK

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To set up a business in Dubai is not an easy task. It requires a lot of market research to see the opportunities and to create a demand for your product. With PRO Desk, setting up a business in Dubai is very easy, as just come to us and we will do rest of the work with you.

LLC formation

Dubai is an ideal place from the investor point of view, as there is cultural diversity, peaceful skyline, beaches, trade, and commerce. It has a lot of opportunities, but one should understand the rules and regulations before investing.

The most popular method of setting a business is LLC company which accelerates supple profit sharing among expatriates and sponsor.  You must have a UAE national sponsor and he can be given profit percentage along with a fixed annual fee.  You can form the company with minimum 2 people and maximum 50 people.

We at PRO Desk, track the following steps for setting up an LLC company:

  • Reservation of trade name
  • Initial approval
  • Drafting of legislation and MOA
  • Ejari

After following the above steps, we will get the commercial license of LLC company.

Professional license

If you want to open some professional business in Dubai, we at pro desk can assist you by following the steps such as:

  • Reservation of trade name and it should be approved by the authorities
  • Getting an initial approval which requires specifying the activity need
  • The LSA agreement drafting which can be done in English or Arabic and consultancy firm must legalize it
  • The civil agreement must be made if there are more partners describing manager and their shares.
  • Notary public of all the partners and local sponsor
  • Tenancy contract
  • The professional institute must be approved by Knowledge and Human Development Authority- Dubai
  • Getting a payment voucher
  • Trade license
  • At last getting the certificate from KHDA.

Offshore company setup

If you want to set up an offshore company in Dubai, our professionals can guide you through complete knowledge. We will make the process easy and quick for you to follow. You can set up different kinds of offshore companies in Dubai such as:

  • Trust
  • Private foundation
  • Offshore company
  • Partnership

Branch office in Dubai

By opening a branch office in Dubai, you can have 100% ownership.  We provide excellent consultation if you want to set up the branch office in Dubai.  You can earn extra profits by engaging in UAE activities. We will help you get the commercial license for branch office setup.


We at PRO Desk want to convert your dreams into reality. We help you establish a successful business in Dubai by finding the right opportunities that can give long-term profits. Dubai is an amazing place as its tax-free, amazing infrastructure and profitable market on which you can capsize.  However, without getting a right consultation from pro desk, setting a business in Dubai is a challenge.

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