All you need to know about medical tests for visa

All you need to know about medical tests for visa

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The centres for visa medical tests around the world are well-organised and hygienically maintained as per international standards. All the mandatory check-ups, medical screening and tests are performed in the centres including chest X-Rays and blood tests. The blood tests are performed to check for any transmutable diseases such as HIV and others whereas Tuberculosis (TB) is detected through chest X-Rays.

Visa medical screening law states that any applicant with a history of TB scars is ineligible for visa and the same goes for the blood samples if reports come out positive that may also result in deportation of the candidate. It’s therefore advised to have the tests performed in your home country for possibility of any contagious diseases.

Compulsory medical tests

For visa medical screening, necessary medical tests to be performed are;

  • Chest X-Ray for Tuberculosis
  • Blood tests for Hepatitis A, B and C, HIV/Aids
  • Pregnancy tests for female applicants
  • Syphilis and
  • Leprosy

While the above tests are mandatory for all visa applicants and workers, details of specific categories are outlined below.

Tests for AIDS/HIV, Tuberculosis and Leprosy are mandatory for all expats seeking new visa whereas Hepatitis and Syphilis tests are specific to six types of workers and pregnancy tests are for three particular candidates. These tests are performed to detect any particular transmutable diseases and positive results would result in denial of the visa as well as deportation in extreme cases.

  • Hepatitis tests are for new arrivals and those on the job hunt as babysitters, kindergarten and nursery employees, public place workers and housemaids either seeking new visa or renewal.
  • Domestic helpers, female driver and babysitter must undergo pregnancy tests before taking up medical fitness tests for residency as per the law of visa medical screening. If test reports come out positive, employer is responsible to submit a statement of awareness about pregnancy prior to handing over the visa.
  • Syphilis test is mandatory on all

Visa applicants for the UAE who previously failed the medical test for hepatitis may re-apply for residence visa under the redefined laws. If applicant isn’t debarred, reapplication after treatment is possible.

Procedures & results – UAE specific

To take the tests, you need filling the test form in Arabic that can be done at any typing office near government medical facilities for as low as AED 20. You need to submit the form along with two passport-size photographs, paid receipt of the health card and medical test fees.

Documents checklist for new visa – UAE specific

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Letter from typing office in Arabic
  • Health card number or paid receipt
  • Original passport

Government medical facilities have a separate female area so women have to wait a little shorter. Essential documents for renewal of the visa are;

  • Two latest passport-size photographs
  • Copy of residence permit attached to the passport
  • Locally accredited labour or ID card
  • Test fee and
  • Copy of original passport


Above details define the basics of visa medical screening whether applying for the first time or simply renewal.

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