7 Tips for Property Managers to Save Time!

7 Tips for Property Managers to Save Time!

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When time management’s a concern, real estate managers should focus particularly on daily tasks to run an efficient and profitable business

Being a property manager is tough since its multitasking, take decision instantly and plan ahead. Introduce time-saving strategies into your routine tasks so as to achieve more productivity in rather an efficient and less hectic way. Such practices would further increase your job satisfaction and augments the entire property management niche.

As a manager, you’re responsible for leading a team of repair crew, outside contractors, in-house office employees and much more. Though it’s hard to avoid all the distractions out there and confine yourself in a room as real estate managers have to mingle with the outside world in order to achieve the goal, keep updated with the trends and to stay ahead in the game.

To give your best performance and accomplish tasks under extreme pressures, it’s important how you classify each after careful understanding of the time and plausible outcome. Follow the essential time management tips specially designed for real estate managers;

1. List it all down
Sounds like a cliché but it’s the first and foremost step especially with things that require precision and to execute tasks in an organised manner. When making a list, make sure you include even the smallest things such as lunch break which in the end affect the outcome be it for good or bad. If you’re using computer software, smartphone application or the traditional pen-and-paper to jot down the plans, stick to it and be punctual to the assigned timeline.

2. Prioritise the goals
In continuum to preparing the list, also prioritise the tasks per complexity, time and other requisites. For instance, you might want to start the day by going for the maintenance and repairs request first before moving to the phone calls or filling the vacancies.

3. Get social with the staff
It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate meeting or a ten-minute brief, take your time and understand nature of the task and take assistance if available. Remember, two hands are better than one but while asking for someone’s help especially in property management, be sure the individual has complete knowledge of the industry and all associated risks, rewards. Keep yourself connected with the staff, share your ideas, heed advice, brainstorm and you’ll definitely get the best output.

4. Make the most of morning time
Studies indicated that people are more productive and energetic in the morning but only after a well-deserved sleep. Therefore, schedule the most intricate and comprehensive task for the morning so that it gets all the focus. Ask your team to follow this advice and witness the optimistic results in the end.

5. Only one task at a time
Distraction is everywhere and at its peak when you’re in the thick of it! Don’t go astray and fend off all the hurdles that come in between. It’s good to multitask but it isn’t about leaving your present task incomplete and take on another. In the end, you won’t be able to accomplish any whereas it’ll take twice more time. Finish your immediate project first followed by another but not simultaneously.

Another trick is merging similar tasks as it’ll help you accomplish more with utmost efficiency. For instance, if you need to call contractors and schedule a meeting with a client, do them consecutively, however; don’t get confused as even the identical tasks produce varying results. Avoid ambiguity at all cost!

6. Exploit tools & resources wisely
Technology is a huge time saver if used at the right place at the right time and you can accomplish particular goals in half the time, more efficiently! Interactive tools such as electronic calendars, e-banking software, appointment reminders and social media platforms, all help you proceed more swiftly whereas results are across-the-board. But, don’t let technology distract you too much as tweeting your favourite celebrity’s post and following their Facebook page won’t help you complete the to-do list on time.

7. Split bigger tasks
If you’ve a pending task and it’s huge, don’t run away from it! Break it down into different segments and keep something for every day till the task is fully accomplished.

Follow the above time management tips and being a property manager won’t be as tough as you might think!

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