7 Potent Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2017

7 Potent Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out in 2017

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Starting to plan the marketing and budgeting strategy for the new business year requires a lot of things to be taken into consideration. The focus is to decide which strategies will be used to take the most of your customers that would eventually lead to, conversions.

As for this content, we are going to examine 7 top digital marketing trends businesses need to thoroughly acknowledge and incorporate in their planning process for the upcoming year.

  1. Rule Micro-Moments

Even with mobile phones being the major influence in revolutionizing the customer interaction with businesses across the globe, but the concept of “micro moments” is the root cause to power this shift to smartphones. Today mobile phones call for the smallest to the biggest use in our daily life, let it be ordering a quick snack from a nearby store, or communicating with a live chat agent over the details of a foreclosure purchase.

Definition wise, micro moments are highly impulsive and decision-making touch points that consumers go through countless times daily without even realizing it. Simply speaking, whenever we reach for our phone in order to browse a website, app, etc. for something needed to know at that instant—it is a micro moment. Further improvement in this aspect can really boost the already swelling numbers of app users worldwide.

  1. Visualization Appeals the Most

For every exciting and tempting thing we see online, there is always an element of video involved. The visual-rich elements attract the customers and they attach the attributes of the brand to a much deeper level. Consequently, the actions of likes, sharing, comments, etc. follows quite intensely that spreads a positive word-of-mouth.


The trend has invited a number of top brands from different industries to avail the opportunity of putting informative videos across major social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Statistics display that each day a staggering 1.65 billion users view around 8 billion videos—evident enough to prove the vast array of opportunities for businesses to capitalize on this trend.

  1. Maximum Visibility with Native Ads

To stand clear and tall in front of your target market, the concept of native advertising is well into action today. The reason to this shift is the frustration caused by unnecessary interruptive ads customers tend to encounter on regular basis.

The problem is perfectly solved with native ads. Native advertising allows brands to communicate their offerings in a manner that blends in easily with the environment a user finds most comfortable. The ads settle on the interface of your device so smoothly, that most of the time users are unable to even spot them. What marketer needs to realize is: what better way to interact and present yourself in front of your targeted customers than displaying the right information they need at the very instant in a non-disruptive manner?

  1. Personalization

Today the core content marketing tools have become the foremost focus in any top marketing plan. Another thing that calls for equal importance is the personalized experience for each customer. But the burning questions remains: how do you ensure each customer’s needs are perfectly catered as intended?

The answer comes in the name of smart content—a content that is smartly devised and marketed in a way that comprehends well with the customer’s individualized needs. Without working on the one-size-fits-all philosophy, smart content builds the perception of different buyer personas, which eventually fabricates a communication message than cater each customer on individualized basis. It is a fact that customers are happier and show more trust to messages that clearly understand their needs, rather than a message said in a general tone. The idea is self-explanatory: when businesses are inclined to the needs of customers on a much personal level, brands are more likely to gain recognition and revenues through efficient conversions.

  1. Create a Team of Influencers

Building influencers is all about satisfying a potential customer till the level, that he/she goes on about to spread your brand awareness through a quality word-of-mouth. So how do we do it? There are several ways to achieve this milestone, but the core roadmap remains the same for all.

It’s all about realizing and responding to your customer’s needs as they desire. The more you answer to your target market’s personalized needs, the better are your chances to acquire their loyalty—hence raising a team of mighty influencers.

The biggest benefit a team of influencers provide to the brand is the “functionality of a snowball effect”. Once the word starts to spread regarding the outstanding performance and uniqueness of a brand, the customers are highly likely to further the appreciation to their family and friends, and hence, the cycle continues all for the betterment of your business.

  1. Investing in Quality Content Developers

A top-of-the-line content is which is unique, memorable and most importantly, personalized in nature. Top companies tend to hire experienced writers who are fluent in writing unique and creative content for a variety of industries and exclusive topics. Being able to write for a wide range of industries like a true professional makes it easy for the writer to attract a large reader base.

The point of developing an informative and richly-engaging writing piece is to retain current customer who will regularly visit your website only to find fresh content, and attract new customers who are looking to acquire solutions for their problems. As more and more content is pouring in the digital marketing realm, the trend of investment in content developers is not stopping anytime soon.

  1. It’s Time for Big Data

With the increasing need of providing real-time responses to customers, associating a huge amount of data with the right tools is absolutely necessary. The inclusion of big data in major business aspects is proving to be the next big thing in the corporate world. But there are still major questions that need to be answered, for instance, why it matters? What role does it play in the decision-making process? And other major aspects. Due to the tremendous amount of data and their incorporation into different digital marketing approaches, the world of opportunities is open for businesses around the world.


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