7 inspirational kitchen decor ideas on a budget

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An inspiring kitchen décor doesn’t ask spending a fortune as all it takes is devoting time, effort and creativity spice up the heart of your home. If the cupboards are a bit outdated in terms of style and shade, consider replacing just the framework instead of the entire thing. Many companies specialise in providing cabinet door replacement services.

A fresh coat of paint would also make it livelier and both the ideas can do the job without overspending. Just think creatively and come up with a few hacks that can replace your existing kitchen décor into an appealing nook in a hassle-free way. Coat of paint is easiest and least expensive of all to transform a kitchen. Go for a shade that’s rich yet calm so you and everyone who steps into the kitchen can relax.

Simply avoid everything that’s too extreme as there’s already a lot going on in the kitchen and you don’t want things to get overwhelming. Opt for a premium-quality paint to ensure a smooth and durable finish whereas stylish touch such as soft furnishings, artwork and shelving displays is more inviting and warm. Besides, seasonal updating is much easier with paint as you don’t need to overhaul the entire room.

Vintage cookware brings a certain charm to country and classic kitchen style. You may purchase vintage dresser with glass doors or even basic furniture at affordable cost to complement with the vision of a perfect kitchen décor. Let’s have a look at some more details;

  1. Install new worktops

Simply replace the existing worktops to bring a dramatic change to the kitchen looks that can be done without breaking the bank. Purchase a laminate and if you’re able to save more, invest in heating rods that can easily fit to the surface of a permanent pan stand or perhaps a built-in draining board.

  1. Update the kitchen floor

If the present kitchen floor is gloomy and somehow letting your scheme down, no need laying a new floor from scratch! Kitchen design experts would simply advise working underneath the plinths instead of wall-to-wall refurbishing so that you can save a lot on the cost.

  1. Improve the storage units

Looking for budgeted ways on kitchen décor while collected a lot of stuff over the years! Spare a day or a few hours to even out the kitchen cupboards and other storage units so that you can organise them per the items used daily. Clear the worktop and you’ll instantly see the improvement to the kitchen without costing a fortune. Reconsider the storage solutions by investing some dough in multipurpose units such as a cupboard with pull-out drawer and hooks to hand cutlery.

  1. A feature wall to go with

Colour and vibrancy will surely come to the old kitchen with an appealing wallpaper. You may either cover the entire wall or simply create a feature wall for inexpensive yet stunning look. Be sure choosing a wallpaper designed especially for the kitchen as it’ll be heat and steam resistant.

  1. Change the cabinet handles & doors

If basic kitchen structure is in perfect condition, change the look of the room by simply replacing cabinet handles and doors. Complement the shade with the walls, base of the cupboard doors and bring in some modern feel however without overspending.

  1. Accessorise it all

Accessories are sure to brighten up the kitchen in a jiffy and you’ve the choice over theme to complement with rest of the room. Display only limited items on open shelves and think about reorganising the worktop with favourite or items used frequently. If you’ve a dresser, show off neat crockery, gleaming glassware and stylish cups.

  1. Throw some new fabrics

New seat cushions for old chairs, bright and appealing tablecloths and colourful fabrics can definitely work miracle without bleeding your pocket dry. Oilcloth table covers are back in action so you may bring them in the kitchen again.


Before concluding, I’d like to give a bit of credit to مطابخ خشبية حديثة . Kitchen décor doesn’t have to be expensive! Simply give above ideas a reality shape and see the difference!

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