6 Ways to Relieve Bunion Pain without Surgery

6 Ways to Relieve Bunion Pain without Surgery

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Even if you are rarely wearing high heels, you may sport a big bony protrusion on one side of your feet. Bunions can be caused or be exacerbated by wearing high heels or tight shoes that just won’t fit correctly. This can cause a lot of pain. Now you may think that the only way to relieve the pain is surgery. However, there are other ways to relieve bunion pain:

1.     Buying shoes that fit:
Why don’t we start with the most enjoyable fix: going shopping? This can be your excuse to go some new shoes. Find yourself the footwear that is roomy around the toe area. Find staff at the stores to help you get the right fit for your size.

2.     Trying shoe inserts:
Low arches and flat feet can make you prone to developing bunions. Correct this kind of problem can help you to deal with the discomfort.

3.     Applying ice and taking acetaminophen:
These are some easy ways for you to ease the pain when it flares up. Also, it is very quick. Just put a cold pack or some ice on your aching joint. Remember to keep a light cloth in between your skin and the ice. Keep it in that position for about 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

4.     Protect with patches:
In the winter months especially, the flip-flops and sandals with the strategically placed straps are out. You may then need to cushion your bunion from being rubbed by the shoes. Put some moleskin or felt patches around it.

5.     Mix up the exercise:
If the standard routine has burdened you with putting most of the weight on your feet then, try a new one. Swimming or biking can be great examples of activities that put less pressure on your feet.

6.     Stretch, flex, and roll:
Short and frequent foot exercises will help to keep the joint between the big toe and the rest of your foot mobile. You can maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscles that happen to control your big toe. You can pull your big toe gently into proper alignment with your fingers. Do it for 10 seconds and then repeat it a few times.

Try picking up marbles with your toes or curl them around a small towel. Then you can press your toes against some hard surface such as a wall, for flexing and stretch. Massage the bottom of your foot with the best feet massager in the market. And if you cannot afford it, keep rolling your foot over a golf ball.

But, walking on the beach can also be a favorable exercise. This is preferred by many people. Dong this can give you the gentlest foot massage and also help in strengthening of the toes. Remind yourself that a bunion does not mean automatic surgery. Then again, if you want a more immediate result, you can try the best feet massager in the market. But if these short-term remedies do not work then you can opt for surgery.

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