5 Startup Company Perks You Can Offer on a Shoestring Budget

5 Startup Company Perks You Can Offer on a Shoestring Budget

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Entrepreneurs usually relate the word ‘perks’ with the word ‘expensive’. This is not the case every time. Our friends over at FindMyWorksPace share some amazing ideas you can use for your startup even if your budget is limited.

We get it, building a company from the ground up is tough and full of challenges. More often than not, being the CEO or manager would require you to focus on things like business expansion and sales generation. However, you should also take note that part of ultimately achieving success is determined by how you manage and motivate your employees well.

As a startup entrepreneur, you might not essentially prioritize team building and other activities that would require extra time and resources that does not seem to have an impact on the overall leverage of the business.

For your employees however, some perks and activities can help promote a sort of work-life balance that can help them keep happy and motivated while doing their job. And it has been said that happy employees are more productive, and productive employees are essential towards startup company success.

Giving out perks and organizing activities for your employees does not need to be really expensive, you can do some of them with just very little budget and without compromising your resources.

  1. Free coffee/ frappes/cakes for birthday celebrants

This seems like a basic thing, but many small to medium-sized companies are missing out on this practice. It does not really take much to brighten up an employee’s day, most especially if it is their birthday. This will tell them that they are much appreciated and very well recognized as a family member of the company.

  1. Give gift certificates or coupons regularly

You can raffle them out by the end of each month, or if you think it’s too expensive to have this thing each month, you can do it quarterly, every other month, every six months, or during celebrations such as the holidays, company anniversary and the like.

This is a much better option rather than buying actual gifts outright, because it can be easily distributed fairly to your employees (and not promotes jealousy because Emma got a brand new TV while Tony only got an umbrella). Plus, your employees would appreciate it more as they get more freedom when it comes to choosing the product they really want for themselves.

  1. Offer work-from-home or part-time options for new parents.

Some very successful companies such as Netflix, Pinterest and Facebook offer very lenient policies when it comes to maternity and paternity leaves. These companies can however afford to do so since they are already established ones.

Yet even as a startup, you can still offer a lenient policy for employees that just had a baby, or are newbie parents. Fine, you cannot offer them long periods of parental leaves, but you can at least give them leeway when it comes to their schedule – you can offer them to work from home, or do part-time work while they adjust to their personal schedule and family time.

  1. Inexpensive outings such as star gazing or an outdoor barbecue party.

Once in a while, your team also needs to refresh and unwind. You don’t need to throw out crazy beach parties if the company can’t afford it. You can certainly do simple bonding activities such as barbecue and pool parties, stargazing, boating, or even go to the theaters together! As a startup, such activities could be easily organized especially when there are just 10 to 20 people in the team.

  1. Offer one paid day-off every week, or on a certain day of the month.

Do you know that the non-profit organization, World Wildlife Fund, gives all their employees a paid Friday day-off each week? They call this “Panda Fridays,” and you can do a similar thing too!

If you think that there is still too much work to do for the company, and that you really cannot afford to give employees an extra day-off each week, you can always tweak this kind of program to something like “Work-at-Home Mondays” or “Part-Time Fridays.” That way, you give your employees a window of extra relaxation, but not at the expense of your company’s overall productivity and output.

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