4 Most Celebrated Events & Festivals in Abu Dhabi

4 Most Celebrated Events & Festivals in Abu Dhabi

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In addition to the traditional festivals such as Ramadan and Eid, Abu Dhabi also takes pride in celebrating many others all year round. All such events welcome visitors and families from around the world, spreading the message of love, care and unity whereas providing the ultimate chance to help the needy. Here’s a brief of some of the most significant festivals the city hosts annually!

  1. The Abu Dhabi Festival


It’s cherished as one of the finest arts and culture festivals in all of the UAE; the Abu Dhabi Festival welcomes students, artists, magicians and various entertainers from around the world. Together, their brilliant performances are applauded by every participant and spectator who further dazzle the show all through! Various international institutions namely Edinburgh International Festival, Royal Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Manchester International Festival and many others contribute to the cultural programs held annually at the commemoration.

  1. The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF)


Among the fastest growing book fair in the entire Middle East providing more than 800 exhibitors from almost 63 countries to partake in the event; the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) gets all the limelight it deserves. The event is organised by KITAB; a joint corporation between the Frankfort Book Fair and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.

Every year, organisers put their maximum effort to host the event in the best possible manner and so far the hard work seems to have brought fruitful results. Thousands of bookworms of all ages visit the book fair from around the world and as we speak, ADIBF has become the centre point for Arab market as well as worldwide book bazaar.

  1. Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival


The Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival is one of the most awaited events for best performers to showcase their talent. Spectators and performers all get this ultimate chance to enjoy various moves such as hip hop, rumba, salsa, kizomba, zouk, bachata, cha cha and a dozen more.

Besides the dance performances, you’ll get this ultimate chance to learn some great moves as instructors also contribute to the event. The Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival originated in 2013 and has ever since been an iconic annual event.

  1. Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF)


Perhaps the most energetic and liveliest event of all, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival evolved in 2010 following the spectacular inaugural of The Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF) in 2007. Initially, the event received a mass of 550 press members from 40 different states. The festival screen more than 150 movies and has all it takes to compete equally with the Dubai Film Festival.

Adding further to the festival is the city itself that became an iconic filming ground for different movies with Fast and the Furious 7, Star Wars Episode 7 and Star Trek: Beyond are worth mentioning.


If your business line is event and destination management, take it to a new level by organising one or all such festivals.

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