32 Innovative Online Educational Tools Students Must Know

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Abstract: For the help of students and teachers, a lot of online educational apps and tools are available, and you can get best tools in this article.

Content:With the support of online educational tools, teachers can improve their teaching skills, and these are also helpful for the students to learn in a better way.

32 innovative free online educational tools are describing here:


To improve the quality of education, Clever is the most excellent online tool, for the teachers as well as students.


Kahoot is an efficient tool to design quizzes, survey, and questionnaire in the class.


For the help of teachers, students and parents, it offers best grading process to assess the performance of students.


Skype is a platform that provides online calling, so, teachers can communicate efficiently and effectively with their students online.


Schoology is a management tool for learning. With this tool, teachers make class curricula and calendars.


Desmos is an excellent online calculator that works efficiently and rapidly. It’s very useful for middle and high school students and for graduate students, to learn mathematics easily.


Balabolkais an amazing text-to-speech program.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers interesting video classes to help students and teachers with interactive courses.


For the help in math, students can get various practical free online video tutorials with PatrickjMT.

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Announcify is a brilliant web that helps the students in the study by reading the content loudly.

Wolfarm Alpha:

One part of this tool is the calculator, and the other one is an encyclopedia. You can get everything you want with this online tool by giving solutions to complex questions.


It’s a language learning app that teaches various languages such as French, Spanish, and German, etc.


To learn Chinese language, it is a useful online tool. With images, texts and handwriting, Pleco helps to learn Chinese in many ways.

Chrome Speak:

Chrome Speak allow the text to speak loudly, by selecting text and right click to speak, you can listen to what you want.


Plotly is helpful to develop and share graphs in a web-based format.


For the teachers and students, Prezi offers help to create innovative and interactive presentations.


It is an incredible and vast library, and because of its flashcards and study guides, it is a popular online studying platform.


With the help of games, flashcards, and quizzes, Quizlet provides a significant way for learning.


It is open source software that offers recording and editing sounds.


BlogAmp allows customizing the presentation.


It allows reading written text aloud.


It’s a multi-language easy podcast publication tool.

Focus Booster:

You can stay focus with this tool.


This tool speaks any text you want.


Animoto offers various videos for teachers.


It creates a web of related videos, articles, and images for student query.


It helps to learn Spanish with adequate translation.


Students can get access to free online courses with Coursera.


Ardour is a digital audio workstation.

iTunes U:

It’s a free online library for the students.

Cold Turkey:

With this tool, you can stay focus on your task.


It’s an adapted light tool to make computer screen for daytime use.

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