2016’s growing trends for the event management industry

2016’s growing trends for the event management industry

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The event industry is really an exciting place to be and in 2016, there’ve been plenty of innovations that expanded and changed the entire industry from the core. Want to know all about the transformation factors, read on and find out!

Revenue re-imagined

Revenue reimagined

Last year, the demand of different events pushed all boundaries and seduced event planners in taking a profit-making approach. However, the actual revenue generated from such events has decreased steadily. Revenue generating events are now much larger and ask for extra innovation. You’ll eventually realise that value of money from the participant’s end is considered more than ever whereas the trend is likely to continue throughout the year.

Transformation in employee roles & new technology

Transformation in employee roles & new technology

Every event delivers a certain experience to delegates and participants. With different expos, the burden falls on the event managers and their staff in acquiring more flexible roles and ongoing experiences.

Technology will continue to advance and play a crucial role in special events. Have a look at the key tools;

  • Use of mobile devices in events has increased and promoted social networking, contact and participants interaction apps; common yet increasingly prominent resources. Merge the trend with participants in large numbers and these apps would eventually start playing their role in consolidating the communities as well as interact with content strategists.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the attendees but event organisers also benefit from the apps which simplify administration tasks. For instance, the in-event apps when subscribing for workshops and seminars, registration, order refreshments and book seats.

  • Video technology is indeed old-school but the technology is still trendy; especially with the rise of digital and social media. We’re all familiar with the trend set by Instagram and YouTube infusion bringing online communities on a single platform. At the same time, the emerging practice to share the in-house event on a broad scale introduces exciting opportunities for development throughout the year.
  • Convergence of marketing technologies is also a game-changer as well as a challenge for event marketers. Whereas quality content remains the king, real jewel in the marketing crown remains in inbound promotional tactics.

Weighing events

Weighing events

The development of event-oriented technologies and applications supports real-time feedback and all the latest happenings crucial for success and evaluation of constituent activities; encompassing the entire event! Technological tools are also to analyse genre of the feedback and its plausible response to get the matter solve before it gets overly critical.

Versatile venues

Versatile venues

Flexible destinations offer something extra and unique; can be unusual and unexpected that fits perfectly into space and surroundings for that unforgettable event. Gone are the days for “off the shelf and same old” venues but today is the era of state-of-the-art and stimulating environments bringing life to events.

Another important thing to note is that venues don’t have to be large or traditional. Pop-up retails and food outlets remain popular and we’re expecting them to be a part of event industry range. In almost every event nowadays, the demand for wireless internet setup runs large allowing participants to exploit their smart devices and relevant apps.

Multimedia experiences

Multimedia experiences

The greatest and latest experience comes from instigating activities, venues, content and an environment that support all the senses while allowing participants to immerse into the environment. Team-building, corporate training and educational events are particularly effective offering the experiential benefits to which all senses are attuned to. Such experiences augment participant engagement and make the event ever memorable; both aspects are excellent from marketing perspectives.

Content rules all

To keep the event buzz alive in the digital world, offer as much information as possible especially pertinent to the digital content. If the event is associated with education programs and sessions, digital content would only magnify attendees experience and participation only if it’s being delivered through a proper channel.

With a whole lot of information accessible in the digital world, content strategists must find new and innovative ways to grasp attention within moments. As you move, make sure the detail is legitimate and lives up to the current trends.


The above event management tips are based on burning trends in the industry so you should definitely pay attention to these.

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