10 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Smartphone at Work

10 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Smartphone at Work

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Most modern employees use smartphones as their main working gadget, which allows instant connectivity with anyone, anywhere. But you can get so crazy on a smartphone! Do you remember Gollum from “The Lord of The Rings”, who could not tear himself away from his “precious”? Despite all the advantages, the smartphone unduly hurts your productivity, concentration, and attention. Moreover, smartphone drawbacks can harm your career! How? Let’s check it out.

10 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Stop Using Your Smartphone at Work1

  1. Poor Work Efficiency

A smartphone is a tool allowing you to work even on the go, but ironically, they are often the main hindrances to your productivity.

Smartphones, along with other digital devices, accustom our brain to be constantly distracted. Calls and notification signals cause our attention to dissipate. Users cannot really get into the work because there is always a chance that they will get bored and hop back on their phones.

  1. Weak Ingenuity and Creativity

Without the usual help of a smartphone, you will discover how creative you can become by solving current problems in other ways. For example, instead of the usual search on the Internet for an answer to a question, you can refer to books or directly to people who will help you find the answer. So, you will learn not only to work with other sources of information but also to filter it. Work with what you need only; and leave the distractions behind.

  1. Reducing Stress Resistance

In the end, you will breathe a sigh of relief when you feel free from the powerful flow of necessary vs. unnecessary information, constant calls, messages, mobile video advertising, and other annoying factors. You will finally get the opportunity to concentrate on what you are doing and adjust your own work pace.

  1. An Absence of Live Communication

How often do you see your colleagues? Every day? How many times do you speak with them? And how many times do you chat with them? Check that. Social networks have changed the concept of friendship, organizational culture, team building, and cohesion. With smartphones, social networking became even easier. But to give up the habit of wasting hours on social networks on your smartphone, you will have much more time and opportunity to build real relationships with your colleagues and collaborate live.

  1. Bad Memory

Smartphones can do anything (or almost anything). They remind us of all important events, store tons of information, free us from the need to learn the phone numbers of even our closest people, etc. This is undoubtedly convenient, but, at the same time, it does not stimulate our brain to work and to remember information independently. By opting out of the repetitive Googling and surfing on your smartphone, you get a great opportunity to improve your own memory.

  1. Less Free Time

After you at least temporarily refuse to use the smartphone, you can analyze and decide which functions and apps you really need, and which simply take your time. Perhaps you will even notice the economic benefits, reducing your expenses for phone conversations and mobile internet. Who knows?

  1. Poor Vision and Posture

Last studies show that the habit of working with a device for typing and reading texts can lead to an increase in the neck load by six times i.e. up to 27 kg. Whereas in the normal position of the head, the load is about 5 kg only. Every time you tilt your head 2.5 cm forward, you increase the load by 4.5 kg.

As a result of stress and subsequent fatigue, the muscles of the neck stretch, and the intervertebral discs interact incorrectly, infringing the nerve roots, which leads to their inflammation. And this is only the beginning of your problems. Michelle Collie, director of the Performance Physical Therapy Clinic, believes that a smartphone can cause a metabolic disorder. In the bent position, the lungs receive less oxygen (a loss of up to 30%) and the supply of blood to the head also worsens.

  1. The Flow of Unnecessary Information

How many ads do you watch every day on Facebook and YouTube? Or chatting, texting and visiting forums? And how many unnecessary photos and other content do you watch every day, using Instagram? Do you really need all of this?

  1. Weak Concentration

The same information flow leads to a weakening of your concentration. You become too distracted and cannot concentrate on doing one task. When smartphone-dependent people put off all devices to accomplish one task, they still could not concentrate. The habit of sharing attention is too deeply ingrained in the brain. In other words, due to smartphones, your ability to be thoughtful and fully immersed in the work process is simply atrophied.

  1. Lack of any Entertainment

Most modern companies create all the conditions for a full rest of employees. They allow you to free yourself from electronic gadgets, and communicate with people live without any obstacles. Think what is better: wasting your free time scrolling endlessly, or sharing a cup of coffee with colleagues.

Wrap Up

Smartphones have significantly changed people’s lives and continue to do so. But absolutely everything in our world has its shortcomings and smartphones have a few major drawbacks. I’m not suggesting that we stop using these gadgets, and it’s up to you to weight your pros and cons and decide whether smartphones are worth your time at work.

Author’s bio – Vyacheslav Khmelkov is a content crafter, writer, and entrepreneur. As Valoso contributor, he authors in-depth articles about video production, marketing, and e-commerce. His hobbies are mountain trekking, airsoft, and coffee roasting. When Vyacheslav is not doing all those things, he loves to read and try new things. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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